Friday, October 27, 2006

FBN Dolby Pro-Logic version, finally...

One of the things which really annoyed me about showing FBN anywhere is that I can rarely get the sound presented in a format that I like. That little "5.1 Surround" logo on the poster and at the end of the credits is no joke - FBN was designed to be a multichannel experience but often it's only been a stereo one because most indie screenings venues aren't set-up for 5.1 (except Silver Screen). Ultimately it's okay because I think I've finally nailed down a decent dolby pro-logic II track that will serve me well through any subsequent screenings. I was actually semi-happy with the stereo version that played the Pioneer but there was a certain dimension that was missing which I think the DPII brings to it. It took me this long to make this new soundtrack because I couldn't find a decent pro-logic software encoder that wasn't super-expensive like the Minnetonka products but after checking out the free Azid DPII downmix from my original 5.1 dolby digital files I feel confident about the sound quality.

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