Friday, July 09, 2010

Scars Of Youth Soundtrack Available For Free Download


Title Theme
Memory Fragment
Time and Memory (#1)
Drifting Through Dream Landscape
Sexual Magic
Victory Theme
The Ceremony
Misc. Texture
Misc Dream Texture
Migrating Patterns
Ritual Murder
Time and Memory (#2)
Time and Memory (#3)
End Theme
John R. Hand Commentary

Well nothing in life is free ... unless you have the internet, I guess. Before you, I present the soundtrack I composed for my last film in glorious mp3, warts and all. It's a nice collection of strange, moody, Mellotron-soaked atmospherics served in a wash of reverb. I've also included a brief rap from myself on the recording of the tunes. At this point I'm not completely proud of the endeavor but I'm not totally embarrassed it either. I've had to censor the cover image because it might, as my father put it eloquently, "give people a boner." Here's a link to the actual cover.

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