Saturday, December 10, 2016

FBN on Amazon Video

Frankenstein's Bloody Nightmare is now available of Amazon streaming video worldwide for purchase and rent as well as free streaming if you have Amazon prime!

Actually, I should say "yet again available" because FBN was already available on Amazon for a number of years through either Unearthed Films or TLA Video, I'm not totally sure who delivered it but it was up there.

I was able to get FBN back onto Amazon through their new Amazon Video Direct (AVD) program, which allows one to setup an account, upload a video and get paid for purchases/rental/streams. It's been billed by the press as a Netflix killer but the reality is that's more of a competitor to Youtube Red or Netflix because it's obviously geared toward uploading longform works and not some cat videos. All videos require subtitles, which is a big barrier for many. Still, opening up a streaming video service to the general public to upload stuff is a very interesting experiment.

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